Santa Barbara, California USA


Santa Barbara is located 92 miles from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is a world apart, a

soothing realm of distinct and subtle pleasures, and an intoxicating appeal that arises from a convergence of elements found perhaps nowhere else in the world.

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Tequila, Jalisco Mexico


The name “Tequila” remains an enigma. It is believed that it comes from “Tequillan” or “Tecuila” and has several meanings, such as PLACE OF TRIBUTE or PLACE WHERE TRIBUTES ARE PAID. 

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Munich, Bavaria, Germany


The Munich Oktoberfest originally took place in the 16-day period leading up to

the first Sunday in October.

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Colotlan, Jalisco Mexico


In the northern region of the state of Jalisco, Mexico, you will find Colotlán 

a municipality with a 185-year-old history whose title of city was granted

in 1833.

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Haro, Spain


The battle of the wine.  La Rioja, Spain. Each year between the 27th and 30th of June, thousands of thirsty locals and a handful of lucky (wine addicted) tourists climb a mountain in La Rioja, Spain, and throw the sweet red liquid all over each other.

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Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Best rooftop bars & outdoors lounges. Rio Las Vegas, Palm Apex Social Club, Delano Skyfall Lounge, Paris Las Vegas Beerpark, Planet Hollywood PBR Rock Bar & Grill. 

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